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The Spring Season of "4 Seasons Jade Woman's Method"

 (Jade Goddess Method) Online Course will be launched on 9/9/19


"4 Seasons Jade Woman Methods" of Dr. Helena Zhang

Combined with qi gong, meditation, self-massage, hypnosis and diet, the method for each season is independent and can be used during a different period of time in a woman’s life or for treating different gynecological disorders. As an ancient Chinese way of living, each method works as a treatment as well as prevention. 

This 1st season - Spring - Jade Goddess Method online course will be launched on 9/9/19. The course contains the learning of 

Jade Goddess Qi Gong

Jade Goddess Meditation

Jade Goddess Self-massage

Jade Goddess Self-hypnosis


The course contains:

12 modules with more than 50 lessons accompanied by 30 short films of lecture and guidance and more than 30 scripts available to read

12 weeks of learning 

12 webinars to support and to reinforce the learning 


Please send us a request if you want to be informed about this launch. 


Jade Goddess Diet will be launched in a separate online course called: 4 Seasons Jade Woman Food and it will be launched at the end of 2019.


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