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   "4 Seasons Jade Woman Method"

 Dr. Helena Zhang


This method includes 4 independent methods (Spring Method, Summer Method, Autumn Method, and Winter Method) and Jade Woman Diet. Together, the whole method contains wood, fire, metal, water and earth elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Combined with qi gong, meditation, self-massage and hypnosis, the method of each season is independent and can be used during a different period of time in a woman’s life or for treating different gynecological disorders. As an ancient Chinese way of life, each method works as a treatment as well as prevention. The diet of each season will be included in Jade Woman Diet. 

Each season online course contains 12 modules (a study of 12 weeks). 

Spring Season (Jade Goddess Method) Online Course - The next launch will be on March 23, 2020. 

Summer Season (Jade Rain Method) Online Course - The launch is planned for the summer of 2021.

Autumn Season (Jade Crane Method) Online Course - The launch is planned for the autumn of 2020.

Winter Season (Jade Tiger Method) Online Course - The launch is planned for the winter of 2021.

Jade Woman Diet Online Course - The launch is planned on April 27, 2020! 


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