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"Before coming to see Dr. Helena Zhang, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. I had three miscarriages and saw two fertility doctors, one of whom had me take clomid, estrogen, progesterone, ovulation shots, etc., for three months without any positive results. At that point, I took a break from trying to conceive and decided that I needed to heal my mind. Under Dr. Zhang’s guidance, her compassionate, knowledgeable, and insightful interns quickly put me at ease and helped my mind and body to naturally prepare for a baby. Within one month I was pregnant. Dr. Zhang’s extensive understanding of the body and nutrition successfully navigated me through the first trimester. She gave definitive advice, carefully selected Chinese herbs to strengthen my pulse, recommended small dietary changes to increase my estrogen levels, and had quirky tricks to warm my womb.  I was absolutely impressed with her expertise and insight at every turn and have no doubt that she was key in preparing me for this important stage. I had never had acupuncture before this, and I am now a firm believer. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang; she is a kind person with amazing expertise." 

- Kate Seeck, Santa Monica, California




"I have had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Helena Zhang. After struggling to fall pregnant and suffering from painful periods I was exhausted and confused by what I was being told from my western doctors.  I was to needing some healing and some understanding. On our first meeting I told her I had a cyst and they wanted to remove it and it was probably messing with my ovulation and she basically said who cares, you ovulate from both sides and we’ll work on it. She saw me as a whole person and not just my symptoms.

One of the most amazing gifts of Helena is her energy. She can just look at you and know where you are. She has been very compassionate and knowledgeable at the same time, communicating with me in a way that I understood.  She worked with me not only to help us get pregnant but where I was in the present moment.  I remember at one time she did energy work on my back and then with some acupuncture and told me that I might feel like crying or more sensitive after treatment. Over the next week things shifted for me and instead of holding things down I let my emotions come full circle which was a turning moment for me and my faith and trust in her care.

After seeing her for about 6 months I fell pregnant. We are so happy and excited and glad that we had the journey that we did. I feel that I really learned a lot about the medicine and myself. I have also had an amazing first trimester and I feel I owe that to all the acupuncture and herbs I had."

- Andrea Clow, Santa Monia, California




"For almost 10 years I experienced a big shift in my health and energy- feeling low energy, mildly depressed, unusually pessimistic and reclusive, frequently getting sick, and lacking the stamina to enjoy regular exercise. I saw many eastern and western doctors and tried many things including diet, lifestyle changes and medications. My overall condition improved marginally over a long period of time and I had reluctantly come to accept it as the “new normal.”

Then I was introduced to Dr. Helena Zhang- initially studying her beautiful Jade Woman QiGong form and then becoming her patient.

Dr. Zhang is a health practitioner and healer unlike any other I have ever come across. She is an outstanding acupuncturist and herbalist, deeply skilled in assessing the nuances and central issues causing various health imbalances. The breadth of her knowledge and healing techniques comes from years of experience and ongoing mastery to the healing arts. She skillfully customizes each treatment for maximum benefit, and I feel noticeable results during and after the treatment, as well as sustained benefits over time. She has brought a vitality back into my body/spirit and that in turn is creating health and wellness from within.

A few months ago I moved away from Southern California, but I continue to fly into the L.A. area and see Dr. Zhang. She is a uniquely skilled health practitioner, and I will continue to seek her care no matter where I live."

- Carmen Silva, San Francisco, California




"My husband and I had tried to conceive for a few months but without success. I had a fear that I couldn’t have children due to a surgery of multiple-large-cysts-removal occurred a few years ago.

As a birthday gift, my mother offered me a consultation with Dr Helena Zhang during her visit in Europe. In the consultation, after studying my medical history and lifestyle, questioning detailed information regarding my symptoms, and observing carefully my tongue and pulse, Dr. Zhang offered me a session of treatment, some instructions to follow and a few bottles of Chinese Herbal Formula to take. And I got pregnant one month later!

At my 32 weeks of pregnancy, I also went to see Dr. Zhang to relieve some abdominal pains due to pregnancy (mainly acidity). The treatment was very helpful; her advices were very useful and practical.

The 9 months of pregnancy has gone perfectly! Now, I have a beautiful little baby boy!

I am going to see Dr. Zhang soon again to search for a joyful postpartum recovery!

Therefore I strongly recommend Dr. Zhang, she is very soothing, positive and provides wonderful advices."

- Cécile, Belgium